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Prize-money in Ireland is one of the highest in Europe (based on average per race), with a minimum threshold of €10,000, meaning no race is worth less than this amount. Commenting on the prize-money budget, HRI Director of Racing Jason Morris stated:

“HRI is committed to offering prize-money which bears the most favourable international comparison. HRI intends to ensure that all horses are rewarded broadly in accordance with their abililty throughout their careers.”

Prize money deductions (Race Value €10,000)
Gross Prize-Money won €6,250
Entry and declaration fee €100.00
SEBS (3%) and SSA (.1%) €193.75
Jockey Emergency Fund €62.50
Trainers Share €589.38
Jockey’s Share €589.38
Net gain to Owner €4,714.99

Trainer and Associated Funds = 10% of gross prize-money, less entry fee and SEBS and other applicable fees.
Jockey and Associated Funds = 10% of gross prize-money, less entry fee and SEBS and other applicable fees.
Stable Employee Bonus Scheme = 3% of gross prize-money
Jockey Emergency Fund = 1% of gross prize-money, less entry fee
SEBS = Stable Employee Bonus Scheme – funds are distributed amongst stable staff
JEF = Jockeys Emergency Fund – welfare fund established for jockeys suffering permanent disability
SSA = Stable Staff Association

Racing charges

An owner can expect the following deductions from their account when entering and racing a horse.

* Entry Fee 0.7% of total race value
Declaration Fee 0.2% of total race value
** Bookage Fee €12.50 for an ordinary race
Jockey Fee per Race €161.74 Flat
  €184.59 National Hunt

* Entry and declaration fees can vary for certain races
** Higher charges apply for group and listed races
# Subject to national wage agreement increases
Subject to VAT if the jockey is registered for VAT
Figures are correct at time of writing

Cost of ownership

The following table gives an estimate of the cost of keeping a horse in training for a year including four race runs. This information should be used as a guide only as costs will vary depending on the trainer, type of race entry and unforeseeable veterinary and travel costs.

Training Fees €15,200
Entry & riding Fees € 2,500
Routine veterinary/Farrier € 1,700
Transport € 1,000
Total €20,400

For further information please consult HRI Directive 7.

The words “horse” and “investment” should not be associated in the same statement. Like any hobby, racehorse ownership should not be considered a profit making exercise.

Raceday admission

Association of Irish racecourses

Get your AIR Access Cards today

The AIR is the Association of Irish Racecourses. Once officially registered as an owner, HRI will notify AIR who in turn will issue AIR cards. Each owner format is entitled to four AIR Access Cards. These access cards are activated the day an owner has a runner and permit the card holder entry through the dedicated AIR turnstile at the racecourse. In addition, each card holder is entitled to a complimentary racecard and an Owners & Trainers badge, which shall permit access to the reserved enclosure, parade ring, reserved stand and any exclusive Owners & Trainers facilities in operation on that day.

In order to facilitate the admission of additional syndicate members to any race meeting where they have a runner, there are additional cards available to purchase from the AIR. The rate for each additional card is currently €61 per annum. If the syndicate has more than one horse in training, the cost rises proportionately. The total number of AIR access cards in respect of any syndicate or partnership will be limited to the number of registered members and their spouse/partners. Please note that all costs are subject to review by AIR.

Should an owner’s access card be lost or damaged, a replacement may be obtained by contacting the Association of Irish Racecourses. A replacement fee of €10 is payable in respect of each card replaced.

It should be noted that the facility to purchase additional cards will be made available to syndicates, clubs and partnerships (terms and conditions apply) that operate a HRI account used solely for the operation of that syndicate/club or partnership. Please contact the AIR to discuss.

Annual membership badges

Almost all Irish racecourses have annual membership badges offering a combination of all the following key benefits:

  • Discounted Admission, Priority parking, exclusive member facilities, betting vouchers, overseas and domestic reciprocal days, member trips and yard visits, newsletters and bring a friend offers.
  • A number of racecourse offer discounts on membership fees to registered owners, including the premier flat and jumps tracks such as the Curragh, Leopardstown and Punchestown. Please contact the racecourse directly for further information LINK to racecourse page.

Association of Irish racehorse owners (AIRO)

The aims of the owners association are:

  • To ensure the level of prize-money available to Irish owners remains protected.
  • To work with the Association of Irish racecourses (AIR) to improve on-track facilities.
  • To encourage the development of image/media rights as a source of income from which owners can benefit.
  • To investigate the possibility of ticket purchase for private hospitality marquees at major racemeetings
  • To seek an increase in the number of complimentary tickets available to owners on race days.
  • To obtain more fixtures and opportunities for horses
  • To reduce entry fees.

For further information on becoming a member, please visit the AIRO website.