Terms & Conditions

About the Barrier Trials at Naas on Tuesday, September 3rd

Barrier Trials will resume at Naas Racecourse on Tuesday, September 3rd.  

Entries will be accepted from Monday August 26, and close at 12pm Thursday, August 29.   

Naas Racecourse stipulates that it will not run more than eight Barrier Trials with a maximum of eight horses per Trial, therefore 64 entries will be the maximum number of entries permitted. 

Naas Racecourse also says that the Barrier Trials will not run if there is any element of 'Soft' in its official going description. 

Barrier Trials are mock races with horses beginning from starting stalls as they would in official races. There is no onus or incentive to achieve a best possible placing in a Barrier Trial. There is no prize-money. 

ITM is staging Barrier Trials primarily to meet the significant overseas demand for quality unraced thoroughbreds. 

Terms & Conditions of Entry

  • Only unraced horses will be accepted for entry in Barrier Trials.  
  • The Barrier Trials will be open to unraced two-year-olds only over 5f, 6f and 7f. 
  • The Barrier Trials will start ‘on the round’ inside the Flat track proper at Naas. In the event of dry weather, the aim will be to provide ‘Good’ ground.    
  • Each Barrier Trial will have no more than 8 runners.  
  • The horses entered must be returned in training with licensed Trainers.  
  • The horses entered shall be ridden by licensed Jockeys under catchweights, ie. without weight restrictions, as is the practice overseas. 
  • The horses entered must be named and have a valid starting stalls certificate.
  • Passports must be lodged with IHRB staff for all horses that enter the racecourse property, and vaccinations must be in order and in compliance with the Rules of Racing, otherwise they will not be allowed to take part. 
  • Trainers who enter a horse in a Barrier Trial do so in the knowledge that the IHRB may take a biological sample for analysis in accordance with the Rules of Racing. In the event of an adverse analytical finding, the Trainer acknowledges and confirms that they are subject to the Rules of Racing and may be subject to disciplinary action in relation to any breach of these Rules.
  • All Horses taking part must be at the stabling block at least one hour before their Barrier Trial.   
  • All Horses, Trainers and Riders acknowledge and confirm that in participating in the Barrier Trials they are subject to the Rules of Racing and that any breach of same during the Barrier Trials may result in disciplinary action for any licensee concerned.
  • The first Barrier Trial will start at 2pm with the each batch being run approximately every 20 minutes. 
  • Trainers and Riders will have to ensure their horse is tacked up and ready to leave the Parade Ring to go to the start at the appropriate time.
  • Participation in a Barrier Trial will cost €150, payable in advance from the owners’ account with HRI, with a further €60 payment for the Rider.   
  • Entries will not be permitted where the owner/breeder associated with the horse being entered has an outstanding Foal Levy debt.
  • Entries will open on Monday August 26th and close at 12pm Thursday August 29th. Later entries will not be accepted. Entry fees will be forfeited if horses are subsequently scratched.
  • Jockeys should be declared no later than 24 hours before the Barrier Trials.    
  • Owners’ colours must be worn for the purposes of identification for the commentator and prospective buyers.
  • The Barrier Trials will be recorded and placed online to market the horses participating to prospective buyers.   
  • To make an entry, click here or for further inquiries contact [email protected] or call 087 112 1625.