Visa assistance

Invitation Letter issuance

As a semi-state agency, ITM have an excellent relationship with the Irish Visa Offices and Embassies around the world.  If you need a visa when travelling to Ireland, please contact a member of the ITM team, and email or fax a copy of the photo page of your passport, letting us know your preferred dates of travel and the purpose of your visit.  Once you are known to ITM, we will then be happy to issue you with an invitation letter to Ireland and confirmation of your hotel in Ireland as well as your itinerary, if needed.  Once you have made your application to the Irish visa office, you can then send your application number to ITM, and we will then contact the visa office and monitor your application, assisting the visa office in any way we can to process your application as efficiently as possible (providing that you have furnished them with a completed application and that all is order and they are satisfied to issue your visa).

Online application

The Visa Waiver Programme 

The Visa Waiver Programme currently in place in Ireland (until October 2021, however it may be amended or expanded at any point) allows persons

  • who are nationals of one of seventeen countries covered by the scheme,
  • who have entered the UK on foot of a UK ‘C’ General visa, and
  • have been granted leave to remain in the UK for up to 180 days. 


  • travel to Ireland, within the time remaining on a current leave to remain in the UK, without the requirement to obtain an Irish visa, and 
  • be granted permission to remain in Ireland up to a maximum of 90 days or the time left on their UK leave to remain, whichever is the shorter.

Each distinct period of leave to remain in the UK (up to a maximum of 180 days each time) requires a prior legal entry into the UK before travel to Ireland under the Programme, no matter what the duration of the UK visa.

Full details of the Visa Waiver Programme